Sunday, September 23, 2012

transmission torrent on tplink tl-mr3020

now i will share my experience on installing transmission torrent on tplink tl-mr 3020. oyeah, before that, transmission torrent is a free linux torrent client that can be used to download file, music, program, and other.

 we can think torrent as a method to sharing file among all client pc to pc. Usually we get the torrent file from website like isohunt, demonoid, thepiratesbay, etc. The server only save the tracker (information of where each client save the file). Then from the client they will upload and download (share to other client pc) the fragment of the file until it's finished (become 1 complete file). We called the downloader "leecher" and the uploader "seeder". When a person finish downloading file, they become a seeder. They will upload the file continously.  That's how torrent works.

Now lets install the transmission torrent on our beloved device :)

first of all ofcourse you must pass this step first. Then after that, login to the device via putty / ssh (if u dont know how to login, read my older post on this site). Then install the transmission torrent by typing:

  • opkg install transmission-daemon
  • opkg install transmission-cli
  • opkg install transmission-remote

and 1 more we can install transmission web based but i think it doesn't necessary because we will remote the transmission with transmission remote program. (there is many limitation with the web based compared to the remote program). And also the web based eat ram a lot. 

now after we install the transmission torrent, time to edit some configuration to make it works. You can found the transmission config in the /etc/config/transmission

transmission torrent on tplink mr3020

this is my configuration... you can change the configuration based your own network setting

transmission torrent configuration 2

now start the transmission by typing /etc/init.d/transmission start and to make it autorun on startup /etc/init.d/transmission enable.

after it all done, we can the torrent file by using remote application that can be download here...

after that install remote application program on your pc....

transmission remote gui torrent config on tplink tl-mr3020

under torrent connection options, put the configuration that we already set before....

to download a torrent file can be done with torrent > add torrent. and to limit the download / upload can be done by right click the torrent > properties > set download/upload limit
set transmission torrent upload / download limit

done. now we have some seed box / torrent box downloader. without the need of turning on our pc. also it can be remote anywhere if the tplink tl-mr3020 got public ip.


  1. mau tanya nih gan, ini kan kalau mau diinstallin transmission kan kudu di extroot dulu, brarti port usb'nya kan kepake buat flashdisk, trus downloadnya berarti via WAN gitu ya gan? (pake speedy ato sejenisnya?) makasih....

  2. duh maaf bgt gan baru sibuk ga pernah ngurus blog lagi.... br bs bls comment.

    yup. downloadnya lewat wan. nanti diset gatewaynya ngarah ke ip modem speedy bisa gan.

    ato alternatif klo cuma punya modem usb, bisa jg. pake internet dari pc (internet connection sharing).

    jadi dari modem usb - pc - openwrt (via kabel lan).

    koneksinya di sharing. nanti gateway openwrt arahin ke ip pc kita.

    ato klo mo lebih bgs, modem speedynya di setting bridge. nanti dial ke speedynya lgsung dari openwrtnya lewat ppp dial. jadinya ip publicnya jatuh ke openwrt kita langsung.

  3. config interface 'lan'
    option ifname 'eth0'
    option type 'bridge'
    option proto 'static'
    option ipaddr ''
    option netmask ''
    option gateway ''

    (option gateway - > diisi ip gateway yang mau dipake.)

    isi file /etc/config/network ane kyk gini gan.

  4. Does transmission work ok or does work slow?

  5. its works fine. the speed is up to ur isp's bandwidth limitation :)

  6. Because I read on one other forum that running transmission cause router reboot and user interface is slow. Is that true also in your case?

  7. hmmm... maybe that guys has too many services running at the same time... off course if that's the case...

    our router's resources capability is limited. be sure not too over used the ram.

    CPU Ram Flash Network USB
    Atheros AR7240@400MHz 32MiB 4MiB 1 x 100MBit 1 x

    see more @

  8. can storage space(microsd card adapter , portable hard drive etc)be plugged to the usb port of mr3020 and used while a data card is connected to the same usb portvia a usb hub.

  9. i heard from forum it can be done but u need a usb hub with a power adapter if u want to connect multiple usb devices to openwrt.

    but i havent try it before because i dont have any usb hub.

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  11. Hi,
    Im using USB datacard for Internet connectivity. Is it possible to download files from torrent into microSD card which will be available in USB data card?