Friday, August 17, 2012

basic1: choosing openwrt version

 there are two kind  of  openwrt version :   the latest stable (Backfire) or the latest nightly build (Attitude Adjustment) .

these two provides different kind of condition. while in nightly build all the newest functionality will work, but sometimes have bug. because it was being tested and the bug haven't been solved yet.  it's good to test all your script in nightly build. basicly on other tp link like mr-3420 and mr-3220 already support the backfire version. But for the mr-3020 we can only use that attitude adjustment. at least for now....

currently it shown on[]=mr3020 that we can see that our device already supported. mine hardware version was version 1.6.

oyeah, before that

Thursday, August 16, 2012

upgrade tp-link mr3020 to the latest firmware

-    download the latest firmware from 

first plug an ethernet cable to pc and the tp-link mr3020. we use cable because it's more reliable than wireless. because upgrade firmware need stability. make sure pc power keep on while doing these action. because if the main process got interupted while updating firmware, it can brick the hardware it self. so using an ups is recommended.

change the ip of your lan. in windows 7 it can be done from start > control panel > network and internet > network and sharing center > adapter setting > local area network > properties > tcp ip v4 and change the ip from      (X= any number from 1-253)

setting ip

now open your browser and point it to ip you will be prompted by a box asking for login

review tp-link mr 3020

i just buy tplink mr3020 a few days ago.its at 17 august 2012. this is a simple review of tp-link mr3020 that i have made....  fresh open from the box. the hardware is very small that it can put into your pocket. really portable.

there is hardware version tipe of tp-link  as you can see beside the box.

mine is version 1.6 you can find tp-link's supported firmware at it's recomended to upgrade the firmware version to the latest update as soon as possible because it provides more compatibility and features.