Sunday, September 30, 2012

introduction tp-link mr3020 openwrt

hello guys... this is my second blog... i will introduce you with the item i brought yesterday. It was an portable wireless mini router access point type tp-link TL-MR3020. this thing can connect multiple device like smartphone, android, blackberry, ipod, ipad, tablets, laptop and all other thing which have Wi-Fi enabled device (etc: a pc with usb wireless plug in it) and share the internet connection. And if you haven't know  tp-link TL-MR3020 does support wireless n router mode.

There are 3 main mode that can we used in this device.

  • 3g router mode
  • WISP client router mode
  • Access point mode

As for 3g router mode it's mainly used for sharing mobile internet connection to area on your place (shared via Wi-Fi).we need a 3g usb modem with any kind of operator that support internet connection like WCDMA /  HSDPA to make this work.  It  can be used with any gsm / cdma operator.  

for WISP client router mode, the devices is being used for catch and forwarding internet connection from another access point connection. Also it can be used for dialling pppoe connection then shared it via wifi.

and last the access point mode. it's used for bridge an ethernet cable and wi fi connection so it become connected. (we can share internet connection from cable to wifi so everyone in the area can connected via wifi).

the size is also very small that we can carry it anyhere on our pocket.

as for myself, why i buy this router...? it's because i want to tweak this access point portable and changed its firmware to openwrt / linux. for a 30$ access point can compete with devices like mikrotik/cisco wireless 70$++ because its sooooooo~~ many  feature when the firmware changed into openwrt

the tweak possibilities is unlimited because it depends on the developper of the linux firmware itself . as it can be act as an

  • firewall
  • qos limit streaming downloading so we can keep the latency to play games online
  • port forwarding  (if we want to make a server in our private lan so it can be accessed from outside )
  • real time monitoring bandwidth, input output, throughput lan
  • act as a vpn client / server
  • active torrent client (we can use our usb or  external hardisk to save the files )
  • remote torrent (torrent box / seedbox)
  • traffic shapping
  • load balance between two or more usb modem / wifi / wired isp network  
  • voip server (voice over internet) 
  • file sharing
  • usb via ip
  • printer sharing via wifi
  • webcam streaming via wifi
  • web server + php and ajax and captive portal  (making hotspot authentication)
  • cloud computing server with owncloud
  • ssh access / tunneling protocol
  • ftp server
  • dhcp server

and other many feature that you can read the rest at

and i recomend to see this link

really great isnt it... and all of that feature can be installed on one devices. that works with a 5 VDC/ 1.0 A adapter :) :)  :)

1 word from me, awesome.....  :)

you can first read my post on to start flashing and changing the firmware to openwrt....

happy tweaking guys ;)


  1. Gan, bisa kasih tutorial pakai bahasa Indonesia gak?
    Ane bingung pake bahasa Inggris.
    Ane pengen bgt instal openwrt di mr3020-ku..
    mksh sebelumnya..

    1. gampang kok gan nginstall openwrt nya....

      tinggal download firmware dari webnya trus di flash...

      klo bikin artikel bahasa indonesianya klo dalam waktu deket ini g bs... cos baru sibuk bgt... kakak mo nikahan.

      yg penting cobain aj dulu... nanti klo ada masalah nanti saya coba bantu...

    2. Wuih, responnya cpt bgt...

      Ane baru beli tadi mlm di jogja.hehe..
      Ane takut ngebrick gan soalnya masih newbie...
      Ane harap agan mau membuat tutor versi bhsa Indonesia.

      Oiya mksh gan..
      Salam buat kakaknya, semoga lancar acara pernikahannya..

  2. wow... orang jogja jg gan?

    jogjanya mana nih?

    btw ini routernya klo di luar negri kok harganya mahal amad yah... skitar 40$an. ak kmren bli di alnect bawah jembatan janti 210k.

    ok2... coba nanti bikin versi indo... tp versi singkat y gan... senin bru bs mulai...

  3. oya acara nikahnya masih tgl 10 oktober. di graha sabda ugm. hari ini lamarannya...

    amin semoga lancar jaya.... thx doanya.. :D

  4. Aku bukan asli jogja gan, cuma maen aja..
    Oiya,aku sekarang di jogja lg coz ada keperluan..

    Ane beli di mod*mku jg dpt 210k garansi 1thn.
    sebenernya ane juga mau beli di alne*t tp garansinya cuma 6 bulan trus isunya barang disitu returan dijual lagi. tp kenyataannya ane gak tau gan.hehe..

    waduh 40$an,mahal jg ya...
    mungkin laku disana gan. :D

    thanks gan, ane baca2 tetep gak donk soalnya basicnya dari linux.
    ane gak pernah pake linux jadi gak paham,makanya ane minta tutor bhsa Indonesia biar lebih mudah. kalo bisa secara urut atau kalo gak agan kasih file yang langsung instal aja misalnya openwrt+UI+yg lain (tp yang udah stabil gan). ane juga udah baca tutor di kaskus tp disana malah jd bingung soalnya khusus mr3220/3420,disamping itu disitu dikasih byk link yg bikin ane tambah bingung.

    wah pantesan kemaren2 lewat gsp ada rame2,ternyata...
    oiya tgl 20 ada jobfair di gsp gan..
    ayo ikut.hehe..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. iya bener gan tokonya sekitar situ,dia juga jualan online jg,kalo agan bilang kaskuser biasanya dpt potongan..

    wah ngeri juga kalo gagal instal :(

    wah mksh bgt gan,agan baik bgt..
    ane gak nyangka tanggepan agan bnr2 baik..
    tp bsk ane mau balik ke rumah gan coz udah 3 hari ini gak pulang..
    lain waktu mungkin ane main ke rumah agan..

    alamatnya dihapus aja gan, demi privasi.
    udah ane catet kok..

  7. dah diapus... ok gan.. ditunggu kedatangannya. skalian bsok ke job fair bareng qiqiqi....

  8. maaf gan baru bales,kemaren2 gak sempet baca blog agan. Ane kemaren ma tadi ikut jobfair gan,sayang gak bisa ketemu.hehe..

    1. aduh gannn.... ane klupaaan.... sabtu minggu malah molor wkwkkwk....

      ga jadi ikt job fair dah... eh gan fbmu apa? add friend dulu gan...

    2. Gan coba buka kaskus dulu aja..
      udah ane add tuh ID agan..
      ane juga kirim PM lho...
      Wah masalah FB jgn disini gan.hehe...

  9. kok aku gak bisa akses admin rooter ya gan?

    Hmm... solusinya gan plisss...

  10. hello apa kabar. can you try if the mr3020 allows tethering from an android phone through its USB? my android cannot do hotspot but can do USB internet tethering. thanks.

  11. hello there...

    good question....

    i will try it first at home with my friend's android. i think it's can be done.

  12. i'm breaking my mr3020 while doing usb tethering experiment x_x. The ip is locked. i cant' access anymore.

    now going to hard reset my router. i will try again the experiment tommorow....

    btw after i browsing i've found one wiki that described the process to tethering android to our devices.

  13. If you do hard reset. can you see if the original firmware can do USB tethering? probably not. So with openwrt should be possible. nice!

  14. 1. Click on quick setup----- click next

    2. Chose wan only----- click next(the LAN port became the WAN port.)

    3. Chose static IP click next

    4. Configure all the IPs as per the your ISP----- click next

    5. Configure the SSID name and the password click next

    6. Save and reboot.

    i have done as instrusted above
    with out missing any steps

    As soon the configuration is done i have the lan cable from the system and then i have connected the cable connectiion
    provided by the Internetprovider and connected to the device .

    i left the option in the 3g mode itself
    and tried to connect using my ipad and wifi enabled mobile device and when i click on connect
    it says unable to connect on both device .

    And i have tried connecting changin the mode to AP also but the same problem occurs

    And i want to inform that when i give the settings and click on reboot button on the setting page the device get restarted
    and the refreshes but the tplink page doesnt open again .

    kindly please help me to solve the issue

    I use windows 8 , i get a cable from the ISP which i connect to my lan and got static IP


  15. tp-link TL-MR3020 is a good product with lot of features and also easy to setup,
    awesome tool

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  20. like where if any configuration lan .. I happened to remove the lan configuration on openwrt tp link mr3020 ... please help me ... consequently I can not get to login to the website and I also can not use cable access to lan lan ... please enlightenment guys

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